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Canine Health

Canine Pet Health

The Canine Health Section offers a variety of articles & Resources, we hope that the information listed will assist in answering your questions or general interest in Canine pet Health.  Further Dog Health Resources are Listed In The Video Category.

Animal Planet Top Ten Dog Health Questions & Much More: http://animal.discovery.com/guides/dogs/caring/caring.html

WebMD Healthy Cats A to Z Guide:  http://pets.webmd.com/dogs

About.com Canine Health & Maintenance Resource:  http://search.about.com/?q=canine+health

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Dog Family.  http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog

Micro Chipping

We have all seen picture posts in our local area put up by people desperate to find their lost pet.

Micro Chipping is an affordable way to increase the chances of finding your lost pet dog. It involves putting a small chip under the skin of the animal, which contains a unique code. These digits are stored on a national database of names and addresses, and scanning the chip brings the code up on screen. This means that when the pet be found and handed in to vets or authorities they will be able to find out the details of the owner to be reunited them.

micro chipping is a simple procedure, but should only be carried out only by a fully qualified professional. The procedure is no more painful than an injection and once inserted the pet will not even be aware of the  micro chip being under its skin.

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